The Mission Statement of the DCHPC is:


To support a positive college experience for students attending Hampton University, while fostering academic excellence and embracing the HBCU spirit.


The Purpose of the Club is:


To promote the goodwill and fellowship among students at Hampton who are from the metropolitan area;


To advocate for students and to celebrate, collectively, the successes of students of Hampton who are from the Metropolitan area;


To actively raise funds to offer scholarships to students of active Club members;


To provide viable relationships with Hampton University personnel, alumni of Hampton University, and other organizations with common pursuits for higher education and/or student well-being;


To attract and retain active parents and associates to participate and assist with the developing and carrying out the Club activities;


To work as a liaison group to assist parents who are Club members and their students with the resolution and discussion of issues and concerns or refer as appropriate to the key Hampton officer;


To provide assistance with transportation of students to and from Hampton.